February 7, 2023


Call of Duty latest news


How do mastery challenges work in Modern Warfare?

There are now mastery challenges you can complete in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by placing the traditional multiplayer modes or Warzone. Each of these games has unique challenges you can finish, and by doing so, you receive XP and calling cards as a reward. You can view these mastery challenges from the in-game menu before hopping into a match under the challenges tab, and there should be a new mastery challenge list.

There are eight available for Warzone and five for the multiplayer modes. Each is different and pertains to the unique gameplay strategies available to you. For example, in the Warzone mastery challenges, there’s one for Warzone victories. The first challenge is for you to gain five wins by playing any Warzone mode available. A victory in Warzone likely means being the last person standing at the end of the match, and being the best of the large group. Some players might find it easier to complete this challenge by playing the new Mini Royale mode.

You can choose how to complete it, and it can be through any method. Warzone is the only one that features three challenges with different tiers, and all the others only have one mission requirement for you to receive the XP and calling card rewards. Because there are only 13 available when these launched for Season 5, we don’t know if more will be added later.