February 7, 2023


Call of Duty latest news


How do Battle Royale Buy Back Solo games work in Warzone?

Today’s update brought a new way for players who want to jump into Call of Duty: Warzone solo to play, called Battle Royale Buy Back Solo. Previously, players would go into a solo Warzone game, formerly known as BR Solos Stimulus, and fight it out as if they were in a squad. If they died, they would be sent to the gulag to attempt to win a 1v1 match, with the winner heading back into the Warzone to could try again, while the loser was booted to the menu and had to join a new game. The new Battle Royale Buy Back Solo games work a bit differently.

Now, there is no gulag. Instead, every player in the match starts out with $4,500 and 20 minutes on the clock. If you die while the timer is counting down and have at least $4,500 on you, you’ll automatically buy back into the game. That means that instead of going to the gulag, you’ll return to the skies to find a new landing zone and have to start from scratch to earn new weapons, equipment, and money.

On paper, it seems like a good way to give Warzone fans an alternative method to play solo, without hampering them for not having a team, since with squadmates you can lose the gulag but your teammate can buy you back into the game.

The $4,500 buyback and 20-minute timer could make it easier and more enjoyable to play by yourself. You have to watch both resources, though, because when the timer reaches zero, no one can buy back into the game when they die, and if you don’t have the $4,500 on your person, you’re out.